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Dr I. Sridhar

Professor Area of expertise: composites... View Profile

Dr Anilkumar H. C.

Professor Composite Materials, Operations Research, Control ... View Profile

Dr Kalameshwar N Patil

Associate Professor Graduated in mechanical engineering in the year 19... View Profile

Dr Sunilkumar Honnungar

Associate Professor Machine Design, Advanced Manufacturing System, Mac... View Profile

Dr Basavaraj Vadavadagi

Associate Professor Teaching experience:20 years, Research experience... View Profile

Dr Gururaj Gadad

Associate Professor fluid power systems, microwave joining, Kinematics... View Profile

Dr P. S. Shivakumar Gouda

Associate Professor Dr. Shivakumar Gouda is currently working as Assoc... View Profile

Mr Vijaykumar R Shivannavar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Prof Shivanand Galaveen

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Research Interests: • Carbon nanotube reinf... View Profile

Dr Suneel Joshi

Assistant Professor Statistical and neural network based modelling of ... View Profile

Prof Venkatesh Pandharikar

Assistant Professor BE in Mechanical Engineering and M.Tech in Energy ... View Profile

Prof Venkatesh K. Havanur

Assistant Professor I am an Indian author and assistant professor spec... View Profile

Dr Virupaxappa Yaliwal

Assistant Professor Completed B.E., from BVB College of Engineering an... View Profile

Dr Abilash Desai

Assistant Professor A passionate teacher and to scale up knowledge to ... View Profile

Dr Jayaraj Y. Kudariyawar

Assistant Professor Thermal Engineering, CFD, Nuclear Energy... View Profile

Mr Shankar R Daboji

Assistant Professor Post Graduate in Energy Engineering. carrying out ... View Profile

Mr Jayaram Bhat

Assistant Professor Mechanical and Wear analysis of tribological mater... View Profile

Dr Vijay Kamate

Assistant Professor Myself Dr.Vijay Kamate, Assistant Professor, Depar... View Profile

Mr Aravind Javali

Assistant Professor Working as Assistant Professor in The Department o... View Profile

Mr Shivaprasad B L

Assistant Professor Machine Design... View Profile

Mr Sudheendra Bindgi

Assistant Professor Laser machining... View Profile

Mr Santoshkumar Hungund

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Prof Sateesh K A

Assistant Professor Specialized in multi disciplinary domains... View Profile