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Dr Shreedhar A Joshi

Professor To contribute in the emerging field of Wireless C... View Profile

Prof Vijaya C

Professor Prof in the department of Electronics & Communicat... View Profile

Dr Satish Bhairannawar

Professor VLSI and Image Processing ... View Profile

Dr Hemalata Bhujle

Associate Professor Teaching experience:22 years, Research experience:... View Profile

Dr Shivashekharayya V Viraktamath

Associate Professor Error control Coding, Wireless Communication. Unde... View Profile

Dr Kalmeshwar Hosur

Associate Professor VLSI Design and Embedded Systems, Analog and Mixed... View Profile

Dr Sharada C. Sajjan

Associate Professor Signal Processing, Speech Recognition, Communicati... View Profile

Dr Siddalingappa Kerur

Associate Professor Electrical and Electronic Engineering... View Profile

Prof Siddalingesh Navalgund

Assistant Professor A passionate teacher and trainer. Always on the lo... View Profile

Dr Sunil S Mathad

Assistant Professor Embedded Systems and VLSI Design... View Profile

Mr Prakash Gani

Assistant Professor Area of Research is Microstrip Array Antenna ... View Profile

Mr Kotresh Marali

Assistant Professor Digital Signal Processing and Parallel Computing ... View Profile

Mr Shrikanth Shirakol

Assistant Professor VLSI, Signal Processing, Embedded Systems... View Profile

Mrs Channakka Kolur

Assistant Professor I handled ITC, Cryptography and network security, ... View Profile

Prof J. V. Sangeetha Goud

Assistant Professor computer communication and networks, Operating sys... View Profile

Dr Vyas Murnal

Assistant Professor Research Interests: CMOS VLSI, Semiconductor Devic... View Profile

Mrs Reshma Nadaf

Assistant Professor Cryptography, Embedded systems, Information Theory... View Profile

Mr M. Vijay Kumar

Assistant Professor Basically from Electronics and Communication Engin... View Profile

Dr Bairu Saptalakar

Assistant Professor Image Processing, VLSI, Digital Signal Processing,... View Profile

Mrs Mala Muddannavar

Assistant Professor Expertise in the field of Embeded systems... View Profile

Mr Raghuram K M Hegde

Assistant Professor Electronics and Communication Engineering, Digital... View Profile

Prof Preeti Bellerimath

Assistant Professor VLSI and Embedded system design... View Profile

Prof Ravishankar S S

Assistant Professor Electronics & Communication Engineering... View Profile

Mr Vinayak Miskin

Assistant Professor VLSI, Digital Design... View Profile