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Dr Shrihari Joshi

Professor Working on Network security, Computer networks, Op... View Profile

Dr Jayadevi Karur

Professor Computer Science and Engineering, Image Processing... View Profile

Dr Umakant Kulkarni

Professor Area of expertise include: Distributed System, Sof... View Profile

Dr Shrinivasrao B. Kulkarni

Associate Professor Image Processing, Biometric, Bio Medical Engineeri... View Profile

Dr Raghavendra G S

Associate Professor My research focus is on Data mining, social media ... View Profile

Prof Jayateerth Vadavi

Associate Professor Advanced Computer Architecture, Multi Core Archite... View Profile

Dr Ramachandranayak N Yadawad

Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Dept of CSE SDMCET, Dharwad... View Profile

Dr Archana Nandibewoor

Assistant Professor Image processing, Remote sensing,Machine Learning... View Profile

Mrs Sandhya S V

Assistant Professor pursuing PhD in the field of wireless networks... View Profile

Prof Govind Negalur

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Compute... View Profile

Mr Prathapkumar Mk

Assistant Professor Web Technologies, Object Oriented Programming, Com... View Profile

Dr Vidyagouri Kulkarni

Assistant Professor Handled the course Machine Learning, Natural Langu... View Profile

Prof Rani Shetty

Assistant Professor Image processing, Deep learning... View Profile

Prof Anand Pashupatimath

Assistant Professor Masters in Networking & Cybersecurity... View Profile

Prof Anand Vaidya

Assistant Professor Programming languages. ADA,DBMS... View Profile

Dr Aijazahamed Qazi

Assistant Professor My research interests include NLP & AI ... View Profile

Prof Nita Kakhandaki

Assistant Professor Working on Image Processing & Embedded Systems... View Profile

Prof Yashodha Sambrani

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Image Processing, Artificial Intellig... View Profile

Mr Basavaraj Vaddatti

Assistant Professor Basavaraj Vaddatti is an Assistant Professor in th... View Profile

Prof Indira Umarji

Assistant Professor Programming languages specifically skilled in C, J... View Profile

Mr Ranganath Yadawad

Assistant Professor Data structures, Object Oriented Programming, Data... View Profile

Prof Smitesh Patravali

Assistant Professor Computer Science Information Systems... View Profile

Prof Ravindra Dastikop

Assistant Professor Computer Science Information Systems... View Profile

Prof Rashmi Patil

Assistant Professor Software Engineering Data Science Software Testing... View Profile

Prof Shreedhar G Yadawad

Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Dept of CSE Shri Dharmasthala ... View Profile